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Alaina's Goldendoodle Wish!

“ Thank you for making a difference in my life and other kids' lives across the region! This will definitely go down as the best day of my life! ”

- Alaina, wish kid

Alaina is an 18-year-old girl from Houma, LA who is battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Alaina wished to have a dog – specifically, a mini apricot Goldendoodle!

  • Alaina celebrating her wish. Photo credit: Jeff Strout, Strout Photography

  • Alaina and family with the team at Lee Michael's Fine Jewelry, Make-A-Wish Volunteers, and Lauren Holiday. Photo credit: Jeff Strout, Strout Photography

  • Alaina petting puppy Jax!

  • Alaina celebrating her new puppy with new friends. Photo credit: Jeff Strout, Strout Photography

  • Alaina with puppy Jax.

  • Jax exploring!

  • Jax posing for pictures!

  • Jax and his new family!

Alaina’s favorite color is purple, and she loves Twix candy and Goldfish snacks. Her favorite class in school is Spanish and she likes listening to Country music and watching the TV show, Friends. Alaina is an active teenager who enjoyed playing her favorite sport, soccer (just like her favorite athlete, Carli Lloyd), but hasn’t been able to play much since her diagnosis in 2015. She does like to get outside when she can, enjoying fishing, hunting, and just playing with her family and friends. Just like any other teenager, Alaina loves to watch TV, eat with her family, play on her X-box and phone, and go to the movies with her friends.  


Alaina’s one true wish to have a mini apricot Goldendoodle came true in June of 2018! After a long journey from a town in Arizona, Alaina’s puppy finally arrived in New Orleans, LA. Alaina, along with her mom and dad, drove in to the city to meet the new member of the family, who Alaina later decided to name Jax. The puppy immediately ran to the door to greet Alaina, and the two were united after the long-awaited arrival!

The team at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry (LMFJ) could not have been more excited to meet Alaina and new puppy, Jax! They collected Alaina’s favorite treats such as Goldfish and Twix, and gave puppy his favorite treats, too! LMFJ presented Alaina with a pawprint charm necklace to symbolize the new friendship between Lee Michaels, Alaina, Make-A-Wish, and last but certainly not least, Jax! LMFJ also knew that Alaina’s favorite sport is soccer, so they arranged to have a whole array of soccer themed cupcakes! That wasn’t the biggest surprise of the day, though. Lauren Holiday, of the US Women’s Soccer Team, made a special appearance just to say hello to Alaina and Jax! 

Thank you so much to Jewelers For Children and to Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry for helping us to make wishes come true and to truly making our wish kids feel like a part of their family!

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