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Robin helps his friends cool off on hot days

1998 Robin is five years old – and already faces more hardship than most people can understand.
He gets a frequent respite from his medical challenges, though. Every time the ice cream man visits, Robin feels a joy that can’t be beat.
But something tugs at him. Robin knows that some of the kids in his neighborhood don’t have money for ice cream.
Robin has visitors one day … Make-A-Wish® volunteers. They offer to grant his truest wish. And they reel in shock. Robin asks them to grant a wish that is the essence of all that’s good and selfless. He asks to be the boss of the ice cream man so he can give ice cream to every other kid in his neighborhood.
That’s just Robin being Robin.

Robin remembers every detail of his wish … and he wouldn’t change a thing.
He remembers being away from his family for his treatment – just he and his mother, most of the time. The day Robin’s wish came true, he saw everyone again.
“I can always look back and remember them all being there,” Robin says.

The impact of Robin’s Make-A-Wish experience lives on today. His mother, Cheryl, is a board member at our chapter, Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana. Robin? He still has the same giving nature and willingness to spread the word of what a Make-A-Wish experience can do.

Robin gives his friends ice cream

Robin gives his friends ice cream

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