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Never Fight Alone

If Someone in the Family has Cancer, the Whole Family has Cancer  
At the age of 13 in March of 2011, Harrison was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  Stage II Form B. He made an appointment to see his pediatrician one day because his lymph  node in the side of his neck was rapidly swelling. It turned out to be a tumor and two days later  he was at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans receiving chemotherapy treatment. Today  Harrison is exceptionally well. He has not developed any long­term side effects.     Harrison decided that he would knock an item off of his bucket list for his wish, so he  chose to go surfing with his family in Hawaii. He had never been surfing before and felt that he  would most likely not be able to do that under normal circumstances. He also felt that it would  be right for his family to go with him because his cancer journey was also their journey. If  someone in the family has cancer, then the whole family has cancer. Harrison loved learning  how to surf with his family. He had an amazing time biking down Mt. Haleakala with his dad. He  and his family share inside jokes from when they went hiking by the waterfalls in Maui. Harrison  and his family have great memories that will last a lifetime from his wish.     Harrison is now spending his summer in London taking two classes at the London  School of Economics with some of his fraternity brothers. Harrison just finished his first year of  college at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Earning a scholarship to Vanderbilt University  and being the Valedictorian of Jesuit High School in 2015 has been his biggest  accomplishments in life. Something that he would like to accomplish next is graduating from  Vanderbilt University in four years and getting a job in the business field. He would like to  eventually go back to school for an MBA. Harrison's long­term goal is to raise a family and have  an exciting career in New Orleans. “I am incredibly blessed young man and I would like to give  back to make this world a little better place along the way.”
  • Harrison enjoys surfing on his Wish Trip to Hawaii

  • Harrison smiles for the camera

Happiness is all around

Harrison smiles for the camera

Harrison smiles for the camera

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