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Juan becomes a hero


August 21, 2013



Juan became a hero on the day he wished to become a police officer. Now he knows how to keep his community safe and will someday protect and serve when he grows up.

Juan's wish comes true to become a police officer

Juan dreamed of becoming a police officer one day. His wish came true when the Bryan Police Department in Bryan, Texas came together as a community. After he was sworn in he got to learn what it was like to be a real policeman. He learned what a CID Detective was, how to catch a bad guy,  and how to drive an armored truck. When he first arrived at the police station he was shy and unsure of what to expect... but by the of the day he was all smiles for the whole community to see. Now when he grows up, he wants to serve and protect his community like a real hero!

Click here to read about this inspiring story from KBTX news station.

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